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photo of Dr. Edward Tan

“Working in Manitoba is a rewarding and unique experience. You are able work in large cities centers, small rural towns or even remotely up north. You are exposed to a variety of different patient populations and complex disease processes.”

Dr. Edward Tan
Family Physician
Southern Health-Santé Sud

photo of Joanne Sarraino

“ I tell everyone it’s like a working vacation given the environment in which I work, the ability to decompress comes naturally and I do not miss the high stress of city living. The staff and small community living is very family like, very caring, very generous, and welcoming. .”

Joanne Sarraino
Registered Nurse, CRN
Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

photo of Jaymie Allen

“Having a practice in rural Manitoba allows me to have a varied practice with OR assisting and providing patient care in hospital and clinic.”

Jaymie Allen
Physician Assistant
Winkler, MB

Southern Health-Santé Sud